About Us

Live Love United was born out of the need I see in our world for people to come together. We're being divided and fueled by hate towards one another instead of respect, love, and equality. I created Live Love United in honor of my lifetime hero's legacy, my Dad. Fredy Reyes lived his life with an unmeasurable devotion to serving those less fortunate, leading by example and placing the utmost importance on love, respect, trust, kindness, and generosity. He always strived to make a change for others while making a change in himself. He believed education is the best tool to promote acceptance. He treated every person he came across with respect, love, and kindness no matter their skin color, gender, religion, language, or sexual orientation. He truly believed we are all equal and can be stronger together.

Live Love United by Fred Kings comes to life to keep his legacy alive and to share it with the world by supporting organizations that uphold the principles by which he lived his life. I'm excited, humbled, and grateful for this new challenge in my life. I hope we all can join the movement, help spread the message, create a statement, and make a change!

We can all LIVE as one, fueled by LOVE, UNITED in our cause.